Heart of the Divine - Bliss Body Journeys

The Immersion Includes

The Programme

Stay in an exquisite private estate

Pre-retreat support and guidance

Welcome Kit

Post-retreat support package

Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Practices

Spiritual Guidance Daily Sessions

Heart Awakening Meditation Journeys

Restorative Yoga Practice

Pranayama & Sound Healing

1:1 Session with Vlada de Sousa

Holistic Vegan Dining

Gourmet Holistic Breakfast

Gourmet Holistic Lunch

Sunset Tea Sessions

Sacred Experiences

Sacred Fire Ritual “Agni Hotra”

Healing & Meditative Nature Walks

Reconnection with Nature & Elements

Created By

Vlada de Sousa

Bliss Body Journeys Founder and Spiritual Teacher


Vlada de Sousa is a Spiritual Guide, Meditation Mentor and Intuitive Energy Healer. She has been facilitating unique spiritual and wellness programs all over the world since 2016 to guide people undergoing deep personal rebirth. Vlada is advanced in energy healing arts and ancient meditation practices. She is known for her grounded approach and offering deep healing to the soul and the mind through her spiritual work.

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