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The Healing Intention

  • As we tap into the wisdom of our spiritual self, we begin to discover the right answers.
  • Through the exploration of energy, we can decipher the symptoms of the physical body and clear unwanted patterns and negative energies to realign ourselves with ultimate energetic wellbeing.
Created By

Vlada de Sousa

Bliss Body Journeys Founder and Spiritual Teacher

“Healing is the process that we never knew we have to go through and usually would be considered as something weird and scary. In reality, healing is the path to our best selves, and as a result liberation from all the sufferings. Energy medicine is changing the lives of thousands of people every day and can change yours as well. ”

About The Experience

FROM the words of the Creator

Intuitive Energy ReadingIncludes

Chakra Balancing

Mental & Emotional Destress

Energetic Clearing & Healing

Looking at your question and the next step

Deprogramming of destructive beliefs

Spiritual Guidance & Recommendations


Soul Reading

Trying to understand or find answers from the rational mind often takes us down the labyrinth of confusion. Intuitive Energy Reading experience offers an alternative path; a chance to open the dialogue with your own spirit.
Receive clear guidance from your soul without distractions from the busy mind. Discover any topic or situation in your life where you struggle or need more clarity. Exploring your questions from the energy point of view is a very enlightening experience where we can simultaneously align the past, present and future. At the moment of receiving intuitive soul reading, your energetic body will clear out old programs, disturbing energies and stresses.

Elevate Your Vibration

Daily, we are energetically exposed to millions of energetic influences from other people and environments we work and live in. This affects and changes how we feel, think and behave. A clear signal to look at your energy can be found in illnesses, lack of energy, or depressed states of mind.

The energetic clearing is liberating from karmic connections, addictions, manipulations, and control. Find the freedom to return to your authentic and unique vibration to focus, concentrate and make decisions from your highest truth.

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ReserveYour Healing

30 minutes

AssessmentConsultation & Guidance


USD 100


IntuitiveEnergy Reading & Healing


USD 180


IntuitiveEnergy Reading & Healing


USD 250

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