7 Expressions of Love, a Private Group Mentorship - Bliss Body Journeys
blank When does the mentorship starts and ends?
The Opening Ceremony of the mentorship is on the 19th of February 2022
The first session on 7 Expressions of Love is on the 20th of February 2022
Last session on 7 Expressions of Love is on 21st of August 2022
blank How much does it cost?
The full price for a 7-month mentorship is 1980 USD
What is Included in the price?
1-to-1 Session with Vlada de Sousa (30 minutes)
7 Live Sessions on 7 Expressions of Love (90 minutes)
7 Live Integration & Sharing Sessions (90 minutes)
2 Live Sacred Healing Rituals (30 minutes)
7 Signature Meditation Practices (recording)
2 Extra Healing Meditation Practices (recording)
1 Branded Printable Journal “7 Expressions of Love”
blank Are the sessions live? Will there be recordings available?
Our mentorship will take place on a virtual zoom platform, thus all live sessions, meditations and healing sessions are going to be hosted live By Vlada de Sousa. However, if for any reason you aren’t able to be present at the live session, within 24 hours after the class you will receive a recording.
blank When and where are the sessions?
We are going to meet on the virtual platform - Zoom. For your convenience, you can check your time using this time converter: https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/
blank How long is each session?
Kindly note that each session will be around 90 minutes, so we ask you to plan your time accordingly and have a safe space for your immersion.
Live Session for 7 Expressions of Love
13:00 - Lisbon
20:00 - Hong Kong
Sacred Healing Rituals
13:00 – 13:30 Lisbon
20:00- 20:30 Hong Kong
*We recommend using a pair of good quality headphones and a proper internet connection to enjoy maximum benefits from this mentorship, and make sure you mute all notifications on your phone and no one can disturb you.
blank Is each session guided by Vlada de Sousa?
Yes, this meditation mentorship is exclusively taught by the Founder & Spiritual Teacher at Bliss Body Sacred Journeys - Vlada de Sousa.
blank What materials will I need for this mentorship?
You may choose a beautiful and inspiring journal to take notes and immerse in the energy of love. We suggest listening to the mentorship using good quality headphones. In addition, in your welcome email, you will receive a branded printable mentorship workbook.
blank Should I attend each live session?
To enjoy maximum benefits from this mentorship and embrace the group connection, we highly recommend being present at each session. Group energy is always stronger together and by creating a common field we support each other on this journey.
However, if for any reason you aren’t able to be present at the live session, within 24 hours after the class you will receive a recording.
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Loving Intentions

  • Embrace the power of meditation as you awaken your heart to unconditional love for a life of joy and fulfilment.
  • The loving intentions of this 7- month journey is to create peaceful connections with everything that surrounds us – ourselves, our partners, our families and the Divine.
  • Through healing and transforming the energy of the heart centre, you begin to connect deeply with your spiritual essence and enter into the ocean of oneness.
Created By

Vlada de Sousa

Bliss Body Journeys Founder and Spiritual Teacher


“With love we become more human.
Love directs us to our highest potential and transforms fear into joy. Loneliness transforms into oneness, doubt melts into faith, and weakness turns into pure power.”

About Mentorship

FROM the words of the Creator

The Mentorship Includes

7 x LIVE Meditation & Healing Sessions (2 hours)

7 x LIVE Integration & Sharing Sessions (2 hours)

2 x LIVE Group Healing Rituals (30 mins)

1 x Personal Guidance Session with Vlada

7 x Recorded Meditations for Self-Practice

2 x Extra Recorded Energy Healing Practices

Printable Personal Journal to write your reflections

Support Group on Facebook

*Every live session will be recorded and sent to participants within 48 hours. If the time zone or your working schedule doesn't allow you to be present at live sessions, you will have recordings to practice in your own time - this will not diminish the benefits of the mentorship.


Special Features that you will only find here

1:1 Call with Vlada
Exclusive Printable Journal “Seven Expressions of Love”
Energy Healing Rituals

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(Ancient Greek ἀγάπη, agapē) is a Greco-Christian term referring to love, “the highest form of love, charity” and “the love of God for man and of man for God”.

Agape goes beyond emotions and seeks to find the best of and for others. It is the highest of four types of love described in the bible, mentioned 106 times throughout the sacred scriptures.

Meditation Experience

For those at the beginning of their meditation and spiritual journey, this seven-month mentorship is a great study to gain tremendous insights as you step onto a path of inner growth. With personalised guidance, the necessary tools and an abundance of support, you will feel effortlessly held in a sacred meditation journey.

Experienced meditators will have a chance to go beyond superficial meditation practices and begin to work with powerful visualisations to awaken energy of compassion, kindness and pure love from within.

For the advanced practitioners of Yoga, meditation and healing work, the seven expressions of love mentorship opens the doorway to contemplate the spiritual work done before and to receive powerful attunement to the highest vibration - The Source frequency.

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