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Where is the retreat located?
To ensure the utmost privacy of our guests during their stay, we disclose the exact location of the retreat upon arrival. Our beautiful venue is a 14th century mansion in Tuscany, Italy
How do I get to the retreat?
Our guests can arrive into our neighbouring airports or train stations where many taxis can be found to transport you to the retreat venue. From Pisa Airport (about 90 kilometres): The train from Pisa airport to “Castellina in Chianti - Monteriggioni” takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. From Florence Airport (about 60 kilometres) From Rome Airport (about 300 kilometres)
Is there any free time to explore Tuscany?
The main focus of this retreat is to immerse yourself into meditation and Yogic practices and so we recommend arriving earlier to explore Tuscany or Florence and experience the incredible land. Or planning some time aside after the retreat for excursions.
Is there a choice of menus?
Our plant-based menu is full of nourishing and delicious Vegan masterpieces specially designed and curated for our retreat. Read more about our holistic experience in Italy here
Is there an evening meal?
Our talented plant-based Chefs strive to nourish our guests with a variety of delicious food with a farm to table approach. A holistic Vegan breakfast and lunch will provide the necessary fuel for your day, before we conclude with an evening snack, preferring to skip a heavy dinner and go to bed with a light stomach. A range of herbal teas and fruits will always be available in the living area.
Will wine be served with dinner?
To keep the space sacred, we don’t serve alcohol during this retreat to enable true holistic healing. You may enjoy a wide range of seasonal fruit juices and herbal teas.
Is it allowed to smoke during the retreat?
As we strive to create a holistic container, guests are not allowed to smoke on the venue and during the retreat.
Do you accommodate dietary requirements?
Our Chefs aim to accommodate all food preferences or intolerances throughout your stay. Please specify any specific requirements in your pre-arrival questionnaire. Our main menu is vegan and gluten free, if you have any other specifications, please let us know in advance
Is this retreat suitable for beginners to Yoga and meditation?
The Heart of the Divine Retreat is a welcoming experience for guests at all stages in their spiritual journey. Whether you are new to Yoga and meditation or infrequent practice, Vlada and our team will support you during your journey.
How long are the Yoga sessions?
Our daily Yoga sessions are 90-minutes and include asana and kriya practice as well as pranayama and long restorative rest. The perfect length to still the mind and reconnect to the body.
What is the style of Yoga taught at the retreat?
We offer a unique and balanced blend of Hatha, Yin and Embodied Movement.
What is the style of meditation taught at the retreat?
Journey-like meditations will take you into a state of light transe where you will explore your energy, subtle body, chakra system and creativity of imagination. Every meditation includes grounding and deep inner relaxation of the mind. Meditations are guided and easy to follow.
Is Wi-Fi available?
As we recommend a digital detox to enable you to reconnect to your essence and find harmony during your stay, the exposure to Wi-Fi will be limited to one common area.
What is your policy in relation to COVID-19?
We are following precautionary measures and regulations in relation to COVID-19 - please explore our policy :
How many guests will I share my experience with?
Our retreats have a maximum of 10 guests to ensure peace, seclusion and tranquility are at the forefront of your experience.
If I am a single guest will I share a room?
We consider our retreats to be a sacred space and so all guests will enjoy the privacy of their own luxury bedroom. Bathrooms will be shared with one other room. Shared occupancy is available only for close friends, family and couples upon request.
Does every bedroom have an ensuite bathroom?
Due to the ancient plumbery system and Italian regulations to preserve the architecture, the mansion keeps its original layout with a shared bathroom throughout the villa. Usually during the retreat two bedrooms share one bathroom.
What is your booking and cancellation policy?
Please refer to our booking terms and conditions here :
Are there any other activities possible to arrange during the retreat?
As we strive to mainly focus on meditation and asana practice, we recommend to use free time for reflections and journaling, yet there will be a possibility to arrange an Energy Healing Session with Vlada De Sousa for a more deep healing journey.

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