Team - Bliss Body Journeys

Vlada de Sousa

Founder & Spiritual Teacher

Everything that Vlada teaches whether it is about meditation, spirituality, or energy healing is coming from the depth of her heart and years of dedicated self-work and personal practice.
Meditations that Vlada is teaching are received intuitively. She creates unique meditation journeys that promote energy healing and guide her students on the path towards spiritual awakening.

Vlada made her lifelong purpose bringing people closer to the realization of their divinity and internal abundance – in an all inclusive embodied form that she, so brightly, emanates.

Pedro Rui Sousa

CEO & Author

Pedro Rui Sousa aims to grow into his full mature splendour allowing everyone around to flourish and live in grace. He has accepted the call to create a life surrounded by beauty while digging deep on his own experience in search of answers or simply the right questions. His openness and compassion offers acceptance to everyone in contact with him.

He has lived and travelled around the world, worked in different industries as a luxury marketing expert and he has written three novels during the last decade. In Bliss Body, he is taking the lead on managing the progress of the brand mission and of hosting all our clients and partners.

Olha Shtembuliak

Asia Manager & Plant-Based Culinary Advisor and Chef

Olha joined Bliss Body with a mission to transform and awaken others towards a more conscious approach to life since the very beginning of the brand creation. Having vast experience in hosting retreats and a passion for service, she has been assigned to the position of Asia Manager.

Olha is a professional Raw & Plant-Based Food Chef studied with world-known teachers and Intuitive workers. She is always expanding her awareness and drawing inspiration from various approaches both to business perspectives and culinary innovations.


Digital Expert


Finance Consultant

Felipe Nuno

Art Director