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blank Where is the retreat located?
To ensure the utmost privacy of our guests during their stay, we disclose the exact location of the retreat upon arrival. The retreat is located within the Pang Uk Tsiu Keng, Sheung Shui area.
blank How do I get to the retreat?
Included in your retreat package are transfers to and from the villas, so all you need to do is confirm your home address and relax as we take care of the rest.
blank Where do we get picked up from?
Two weeks before the retreat, we will kindly ask you to complete a pre-arrival questionnaire where you will confirm your home address. We organise transfers directly from your home to the venue and back.
blank Is there a choice of menus?
Our plant-based menu is full of nourishing and delicious meals, specially designed and curated for our retreat. We have carefully created a varied menu so that there’s no need to order a la carte.
blank Is there an evening meal?
Our talented plant-based Chefs strive to nourish our guests with a variety of delicious food with a farm to table approach. A holistic vegan breakfast and lunch will provide the necessary fuel for your day, before we conclude with an evening soup; preferring to skip a heavy dinner and go to bed with a light stomach.
blank Do you accommodate dietary requirements?
Our Chefs aim to accommodate all food preferences or intolerances throughout your stay. Please specify any specific requirements in your pre-arrival questionnaire.
blank Is this retreat suitable for beginners to Yoga and meditation?
The Three Steps to Bliss Retreat is a welcoming experience for guests at all stages in their spiritual journey. Whether you are new to Yoga and meditation or infrequent practice, Vlada and our team will support you during your journey.
blank How long are the Yoga sessions?
Our daily Yoga sessions are 90-minutes and include asana and kriya, pranayama and long restorative rest. The perfect length to still the mind and reconnect to the body.
blank What is the style of Yoga taught at the retreat?
We offer a unique and balanced blend of Hatha / Vinyasa, Yin and Embodied Movement throughout your stay.
blank What is the style of meditation taught at the retreat?
Our meditation and breathing techniques vary throughout your stay, including pranayamas, energy and guided meditation
blank Is there any free time during the retreat?
During this four-day retreat, there will be opportunities to simply find a presence on the farm, read, walk or journal in your own time in between retreat experiences. Due to the length of the retreat, we recommend guests to enjoy pockets of free time in the contemplation of the beauty of nature.
blank Is Wi-Fi available?
As we recommend a digital detox to enable you to reconnect to your essence and find harmony during your stay, there is no Wi-Fi available at the retreat....we promise you’ll find a better connection.
blank What is your policy in relation to COVID-19?
We are following precautionary measures and regulations in relation to COVID-19 - please explore our policy here.
blank How many guests will I share my experience with?
Our retreats have a maximum of 6-8 guests to ensure peace, seclusion and tranquility are at the forefront of your experience.
blank If I am a single guest will I share a room?
We consider our retreats to be a sacred space and so all guests will enjoy the privacy of their own luxury bedroom. Shared occupancy is available only for close friends, family and couples upon request.
blank What is your booking and cancellation policy?
Please refer to our booking terms and conditions here >>>
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“We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence.” Mother Teresa

Through the transformative experience of a silent retreat, replenish the precious life force energy that is so often leaked from constant conversations and daily digital communication.

Inner and outer stillness purifies the mental field to cultivate connection to the deep-seated self. It is this state of spiritual wellbeing and mental clarity that the Journey into Sacred Silence seeks to invite.

Here in MAUNA – the noble silence – your greatest revelations arrive.

Journey Embraces


Pristine nature retreat

Holistic vegan cuisine

Profound spiritual guidance

Meditations for Mental & Emotional Wellness

Restorative Yoga practice

Accessing the ancient spiritual practice of Noble Silence awakens oneself to Buddha nature where connection to the Earth and sense of self are renewed. Mind-purifying meditations restore focus and peace ensuring guests leave in a state of profound contentment and clarity.

Spiritual Union

Enter the radiant emptiness of spirit to reawaken the deepest sense of wisdom, clarity and purpose.

An enclave of meditative seclusion yields inner silence to birth a blissful state of presence and fulfilment.

Enveloped in peace and stillness, this retreat restores the destruction of a demanding world, clarifies the voice of consciousness and nurtures spiritual union.

Created By

Vlada de Sousa

Bliss Body Journeys Founder and Spiritual Teacher

“Silence is the greatest healer and meditation is an inner teacher. When we discover who we are beneath the non-stop chatter of the mind and our conditioning from society, we as humanity will move to the next stage of evolution. The best expression of love for oneself is the beginning of your spiritual path, and this meditation journey offers that and so much more.”

The program is developed in collaboration with Ryan Grimes 


Peaceful and tranquil stay in Hong Kong

After a day spent in your meditative and silent practices, relax and restore in your boutique-style bedroom sanctuary. Set on a secluded hilltop overlooking beautiful, serene nature in the New Territories, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy views of abundant vegetation from your room.

Both villas boast five unique bedrooms with various designs, air conditioning and beautiful en-suite bathrooms.


Bespoke Program

Keeping mauna is a way to open ourselves to sacredness.

Within this blissful container of stillness and connection, presence is restored and the whispers of inner wisdom return.

With no need to interact and perform, energy returns to the soul, and slowly unclouded questions arise from the quietude of a once busy mental field.

Mauna, or Noble Silence offers a medicine for modern humanity to stay grounded and awakened; to keep one’s mind purified and open to creative downloads.

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8-10 March 2022

MAUNA - The Journey into Sacred Silence

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