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Our Pillars

An awakened life and deeper sense of being.

Spirituality can not be described, it can only be experienced. As we transition into a new world of spiritual knowledge and away from imperious beliefs, we begin the process of re-connecting with our own higher consciousness to reclaim the power.

Still the mind

Meditative practice purifies the mind from limiting beliefs and past experience, unveiling creative potential for exponentiality. Peeling back the layers, timeless teachings on self realisation and meditation put to rest the chatter of the mind.

Trust the heart

Meditative practice purifies the mind from limiting beliefs and past experience, unveiling creative potential for exponentiality. Peeling back the layers, timeless teachings on self realisation and meditation put to rest the chatter of the mind.

Connect with the spirit

Spirituality connects the innate soul to the source of all life. Deep experiences of oneness with all humans and the whole universe unleashes individual awakening.

“It would be a shame to live the entire life without realising even for a moment, that we are much
more than just a body that is busy solving problems.

Each one of us is a unique spirit that has unlimited potential to create and freely express
its gifts and heartful energy to the world. Our mission is to remove the obstacles and move back
to that purest essence.

This journey is yours to find your own answers. While turning away from superstition and religious beliefs, we find that we can reinvent life from scratch.”

Vlada de Sousa

Vlada de Sousa

Founder & Mentor at Bliss Body Sacred Journeys

At Bliss Body Sacred Journeys we understand the value of everyone’s privacy and peace.

Our carefully tailored experiences pave a unique path for our guests, with personalised guidance every step of the way. From the initial booking confirmation to the pre-retreat call with our teachers, and during each one-to-one session, our guests are treated with presence and support.

It’s our pride to curate unique experiences for guests to find comfort, focus and serenity in their own journey.

We also offer private or professional retreats and work with each of our guests with the same ethos – to design an experience that will cultivate lifelong and blissful memories.

Bliss Exquisite Food Experience: We are committed to healing through food.

Bliss Body cuisine is a carefully curated and holistic experience focusing on connection with the Earth and healing the body from within. Equally delicious and nutritious, our high-vibrational cuisine helps guests to discover the healing power of plants.

Our raw-vegan fusion food embodies rich taste that captures the essence of delicious, holistic food and offers an enticing new experience for those who are not vegan. The Bliss menu is constantly evolving to encapsulate appealing innovations and seasonal ingredients; an explosion of flavours, textures and smells awaits.

Our food is healing because the main ingredient we use is love.

Why is Plant-Based Nutrition our choice?

  • The time has come to reawaken our senses and share the full potential of pure, organic food to uncover the culinary world of exquisite flavours and life force energy. At Bliss Body Sacred Journeys, we treat food as an artistic expression of Mother Earth.
  • Plant-based culinary experience reaps endless benefits, and the transformation and healing of the body is by far the most important.
  • When food is prepared with love and intention, it elevates vibrations and cultivates pure, healing energy. Food becomes more than another meal on the plate, it becomes a source of “prana” or “chi”. You will experience beautiful changes and elevated awareness that will enrich your life and open a door to your true potential.
  • With our holistic and spiritual approach to food, we strive to share the healing powers of a plant-based diet with every recipe and ingredient.
Our resident Chef explores healing through eating.

Food is my love language. It is my religion. There are many reasons why I adore sensational plant-based cuisine. First and foremost is how my body feels when I am eating purely plant-based food with minimal processing; my energy level is high, my cells are vibrating, and I am full of life-force energy to create, discover and share what I have to offer to the world.

My ultimate goal is to live life as a more awakened, vibrant, alive human being – and this is where the magic of raw and vegan nutrition comes in.

As a Chef, it is my passion to deliver the same experience to our dear guests and watch them radiate youth after just one week of our gourmet plant-based dining experience.

Olha Shtembuliak

Resident Chef

Bliss Worldwide Destinations

There are places on Earth that are calling us from afar. Somehow, intuitively we already sense that the land is healing and we feel a pull to move in that direction.

Effortlessly designed to blend harmony with nature, our destinations play a pivotal role in the process of healing and transformation from within.

Many destinations feature holy sources of water; from Balineese water temples, to the rejuvenating hot springs of Tuscany and clear pristine waters of Zanzibar or the magnifying Atlantic ocean - the home of whales.

Each place has it’s own vibration that responds to the Chakras in the body, allowing our guests to rebalance and align their energetic system with the Earth and the Cosmos. Immersion into the powerful energies of nature instantly relaxes and sets the body and mind in the right mood for personal growth.

Today, our menu of destinations continues to grow while already encompassing many unique and wonderful locations from the Azores Islands, to the stunning hills of Tuscany, and a rare nature escape in new territories of Hong Kong.

Awaken your Heart in a 7-day Boutique Meditation Retreat in Tuscany

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