Retreat Guidelines - Bliss Body Journeys

Retreat Guidelines

Code of Conduct: 

  • After the bell is rung to indicate the beginning of Noble Silence, participants shall not speak or pass notes to one another. This includes all common areas and at mealtimes.
  • The Noble Silence will end on the last day of the retreat during the closing Circle.
  • If a participant has questions or is having any difficulties and wishes to speak to someone, please approach the teacher or the host.
  • There will also be times set aside for one-on-one discussions with the teacher for any questions you may have, as well as a dedicated Q&A session on Day 2. For a group Q&A session the questions should be written on paper and passed to the host.
  • We ask that the questions be directly related to the meditation instruction and personal experiences during the retreat. Discussion about philosophy can wait until after the retreat.
  • In respect of the space of Noble Silence, some participants may wish to avoid eye contact to connect more deeply to their experience. Please respect this, as the absence of eye contact should not be interpreted as rudeness. This said, there is no need to avoid eye contact if you do not want to, and smiles are always welcome. If you wish to express gratitude to another participant, smiling, placing the hands together in front of the heart and bowing the head slightly is an option.


Voluntary Restraint:


  • Not respecting Noble Silence can result in the disruption of another participant’s practice. This is true of other actions we engage in as well, so please try to always be mindful of the impact that your actions have on others. This includes being on time for scheduled practice, as being late may disrupt others. We should also be mindful to give way to others as we pass through common areas, as in this environment there is never a need to hurry.
  • We should also be respectful of the boundaries of the property and not wander away from it. Even the clothes we wear may disrupt the practice of another participant, so we should also do our best to wear modest clothing that does not draw too much attention.
  • If you happen to bring your phone with you, it should remain in your room and be switched off at all times. This will minimize any distraction that your phone may cause to other participants. If you wish to take photos, you can do so outside of the period of Noble Silence.


  • Please refrain from the use of all intoxicating substances while on retreat. Intoxicants can inhibit your natural state and will make it more challenging to connect deeply with yourself. This includes tobacco products.

Distracting items: 

  • Our lives are full of distractions, and one of the ideas of this retreat is to let go of life outside of the retreat environment and dwell in the experience of the present. This considered we encourage you to leave your phone at home for the retreat. If you do bring your phone, as mentioned above, please switch it off and leave it in your room at all times.
  • Furthermore, it is encouraged that you leave all jewellery, valuables, photographs and any other physical items that connect you with your outside life back at home. Your mind will cause enough distractions for you, so there is no need to add to it with physical reminders of your outside life.

Your Room, Your Space: 

  • Your room is your space, and under no circumstances should you enter the room of another participant.
  • If you are concerned about an emergency situation happening outside of the retreat, please give the required contact details of the retreat host in case of an emergency. The host will bring you aside if there is anything in your outside life that requires your immediate attention.