Retreat Guidelines - Bliss Body Journeys

Retreat Guidelines


  • To maintain a meditative atmosphere, try to avoid any negative/random discussions during meal times.
  • Journaling is a big part of our retreat, please bring a notebook and pen to make notes during sessions.
  • To personalize your retreat, we have included one-on-one sessions with our teacher. You may want to bring your filled chakra test to the private session.
  • Keep your attitude positive and remember that the main focus of this event is meditation and inner contemplation.
  • If you need any support or have questions, please kindly ask the host privately.


  • Please be informed that our retreat is alcohol and caffeine-free
  • To facilitate a healing experience, we strongly recommend doing a digital detox or at least honour the suggestion to not use your cell phone in communal areas
  • We would kindly ask you to be respectful to the teacher and other guests and join the classes 5 minutes before the start.
  • Please note that we are taking adequate Covid-19 Precautions with temperature checking, pre-retreat forms, and frequent cleaning.
  • If you have your own practice, you may use Harmony hall for this purpose, however, it is strictly prohibited to organize your own classes within the retreat group.


  • Team: we have a beautiful team to take care of all your needs during the stay and an expert teacher that will be guiding you throughout the journey so that you can connect with your highest essence.
  • Space: there are two houses on the location: the river house & the mountain house, and also the harmony hall for meditation and yoga practice. You can also take time to enjoy the outdoor area and surrounding spaces if so you wish.
  • Animals: our retreat is located in nature and various noises can occur, most frequently dogs barking. Please note that farm dogs will be closed until the end of the retreat and that you will have earplugs to soothe your night, in case you will feel disturbed.