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How to create a daily practice? A concise guide to help you establish a personal wellness routine

Building a daily practice might be the single most important step you can take for your spiritual growth and physical wellbeing.

We constantly receive feedback on how challenging it´s to create a self-care routine in the midst of time-consuming life demands. Here are some insights that can help you progress further in this intent:


What is a daily practice?


We tend to immediately associate it with a 90-minute hot yoga class or a 30-minute meditation practice. It can be, yes, but it can also be many other things.

A daily practice is a self-care ritual in which we choose to devote a part of our day – so in reality it can be anything if done consciously.


Which modalities can be included in a daily practice?


Yoga is connection, not a set of positions. Conscious belly breathing on waiting lines, detached observation of thoughts or embodied movement are all examples of daily practices.

For physical wellbeing, breathwork, cold exposure and running can provide precisely the release you need.


What is the right time and duration for the daily practice?


As explained, it can be a two-minute pause before stepping out of the bed or simply placing the hand on the belly for one minute, but when it comes to longer practices it´s important to define small achievable routines that can be built upon and be anchored on a strong commitment.

Experiment, take time to try different timeslots and durations and settle for the one that will be potent enough to remind you about the most important: you and your wellbeing.


Why should I do a daily practice?


Intention, attention follows intention. Unless there is a clear purpose it is challenging to sustain the commitment to show up every day. May it be to heal from trauma, liberate oneself from fears or simply be able to show up better for everyone around. Find your intention and let your practice guide you there.


Sabbath, or ongoing exploration


A sabbath is a day of observance and abstinence from work, a day beyond your current set of exercises – a day to explore or a day to group with other souls on their journey.

Circling and sharing your experience will help you on the way to recommit while feeling the growth into new plateaus of being


Pedro Rui Sousa is Bliss Body Journeys co-founder and an embodied example of devotion to his practice and the liberation path from a hectic coporate life to a more conscious way of being.

Vlada de Sosua works as a meditation teacher, energy healer, and spiritual mentor, helping people all over the world on their path to self-realization. You can find more about her 1:1 programs here and about her next retreats in the calendar page.

It is our essence to nurture the marriage of grounded spirituality with beauty, luxury, and abundance - as we surrender to the worlds of both matter and spirit.

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