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Behind the curtains of a Transformative retreat

As I host more and more retreats, I keep observing the same incidents again and again: almost as if the week was a mathematical equation with inner transformation as an inevitable outcome.


An underlying wish for change


Guests seek us for different purposes: some to heal; some to gain clarity; and some to simply rest – in all, there´s, however, an underlying wish for change. It’s beautiful to be surrounded by this willingness and see people’s faces, not their masks.


Magic comes up in different ways


Attention follows intention and intimacy leads the way in the safe container we create. The first days are to ground, reconnect to the body, and quieten the mind as the digital and substance detox lands. As the week progresses, each guest is bound to find their pathway to awaken something inside. The shift can occur on the second, fifth or seventh day, it can be through breathwork; meditation, or in the 1:1 energy healing session. It can be simply while eating a beautiful raw vegan dessert or through listening to Vlada de Sousa spiritual teachings – magic comes up in different ways and I’ve learned not to get attached to any specific detail.


Bali is the perfect container


In the Soul Revival program in Bali, the silent day is an additional opportunity to observe thoughts and disidentify from them – this is life-changing when fully taken in, and conscious journaling is a definitive supporting tool to create space from our habitual thinking. The energy of never-ending rituals and ceremonies on the island and the intensity of the water temples provide the ultimate space for guests to surrender.


Surrender to the process


I and Vlada debrief at the end of each retreat day and keep track of each guest’s awakening moment – our job is only done once we see this new light in each individual. We inevitably hug each other and smile as soon as the process is complete – Bliss Body Journeys purpose and mission is very tangible. The photo above captures one of those moments in which everything changes – it was my absolute delight to witness it as I saw Vanessa’s features radically shift into full divine acceptance.


We await you later in the year for more retreats in the island of gods.

Written by Pedro Rui Sousa


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It is our essence to nurture the marriage of grounded spirituality with beauty, luxury, and abundance - as we surrender to the worlds of both matter and spirit.

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