The Space: a Recovery Luxury Retreat in Nazaré, Portugal - Bliss Body Journeys
blank What is included in the price?
The retreat price includes accommodation, dining, holistic activities, and spa treatments.
blank What is not included in the price?
The retreat price doesn't included: 1. Flights and travel expenses 2. Transfers
blank How the typical day will look like? What is the schedule?
Please send us email to receive the daily schedule sample.
blank Where is the retreat located?
The retreat place is located in a small town called Pataias, which is 90 minutes drive away from Lisbon and 10 minutes drive from Nazare in Portugal.
blank How do I get to the retreat?
You might need to rent a car or take taxi directly to the venue.
blank Is there a choice of menus?
Our plant-based menu is full of nourishing and delicious meals, specially designed and curated for our retreat. We have carefully created a varied menu to enhance vitality and health.
blank Is this retreat suitable for beginners to Yoga and meditation?
This is a welcoming experience for guests at all stages in their spiritual journey. Whether you are new to Yoga and meditation or infrequent practice, our team will support you during your journey.
blank How long are the Yoga sessions?
Our daily Yoga sessions are 90-minutes and include asana and kriya, pranayama and long restorative rest. The perfect length to still the mind and reconnect to the body.
blank What is the style of Yoga taught at the retreat?
We offer a unique and balanced blend of Hatha / Vinyasa, Yin and Embodied Movement throughout your stay.
blank What is the style of meditation taught at the retreat?
Our meditation and breathing techniques vary throughout your stay, but this particular program offers mostly mindfulness meditation.
blank Is there any free time during the retreat?
During this retreat, there will be opportunities to simply find a presence on the farm, read, walk or journal in your own time in between activities. Due to the length of the retreat, we recommend guests to enjoy pockets of free time in the contemplation of the beauty of nature.
blank Is Wi-Fi available?
As we recommend a digital detox to enable you to reconnect to your essence and find harmony during your stay, there is no Wi-Fi available at the retreat... We promise you’ll find a better connection.
blank How many guests will I share my experience with?
Our retreats have a maximum of 6-8 guests to ensure peace, seclusion and tranquility are at the forefront of your experience.
blank If I am a single guest will I share a room?
Sharing occupancy is available for most rooms. If you are a couple or a duo of friends, we invite you to book directly. In case you are coming by yourself and want to explore this accommodation type, please email us at This way we can find the right room and solution for you.
blank What is your booking and cancellation policy?
Please refer to our booking terms and conditions here -
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giving  yourself space to be is the ultimate expression of self care

Daily pressure to fulfill high expectations of others and oneself brings stress to dangerous levels. The Space is a holistic retreat for those who did not have time and tools to meet their own needs for a long time and crave to push the reset button.

Journey Embraces


4 days & 3 nights in a luxury private estate

Holistic program for profound recovery

Vegan dining

Professional Guidance & Support

SPA Treatments

Recovery through connection with nature

Be guided out of states of depletion, disconnection and chronic exhaustion. Explore the high potency of mindful movement, meditation in nature and practices that help to rebuild healthy levels of energy and vitality.

Spaceto meet your needs

Spend time in a space protected from demands, stress and noise. Take care of you by recovering from pressure and lack of time to pause.

Undergo a process of releasing stress from your body and mind. Let go built up of toxic emotions and find peace with yourself.

Rewire your nervous system for states of safety, connection and being grounded. Take back home knowledge on how to self regulate and manage stress better.

Facilitated by

Vlada de Sousa

As an experienced retreat facilitator and energy healer, Vlada de Sousa has been creating and offering one-of-kind spiritual journeys around the world for the last 10 years.

Her grounded teachings arise from the ancient non-dual tantric philosophy and convey timeless knowledge on energetic wellness and awakened consciousness. She always finds a personalized approach to each participant of the retreat, guiding them towards inner transformation.

The program is developed by Vlada de Sousa

Bespoke Program

Designed to provide professional guidance, and practical tools for mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Prioritizing high comfort, a small number of participants and an individual holistic approach, this journey creates a safe environment to go deeper into personal recovery process.

The program is suitable for all levels and intended to offer support and a grounded spiritual perspective to each seeker.


Luxurious Estate for healing immersions

Floor to ceiling windows bring in the light and gardens indoors.

Interior is calming and soothing for the eye, being inspired by Japandi style. Patio in the very center of the estate hosts two ancient olives trees and becomes a perfect place for conversations and stargazing at night.

Every bedroom is equipped with premium linens and high comfort furnitures for rest and relaxation.

Spacious terraces overlooking the mountains give a deep sense of healing to the mind.


All-inclusive Journey

The Programme

4-Day & 3-Night in a luxury private estate

Pre-retreat support

Branded welcome kit

Post-retreat support

Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Practices

Yoga & Holistic Movement

Meditation for Mental Clarity

Breathwork for Stress Release

Cultivating Self-Awareness Coaching

Practices for Deep Relaxation

1 Day of Silence for Contemplation

Holistic Vegan Dining

Holistic Brunch

Holistic Dinner

Rejuvenating Drinks

Healthy Snacks

SPA Treatments

Massage for Stress Release

Massage for Deep Tension Release

Daily Schedule

Seekers Testimonials

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The Space Recovery Retreat


Starts from USD 980

*shared occupancy

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