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Conscious Corporate Retreats: when happiness is more than profitable

There are times when slowing down is the best way to speed things up. Investing in Corporate Retreats is an efficient way of bonding and engaging your team. While providing time and space for people to establish a more intimate and truthful communication, you will be able to access the best in each one of your collaborators.  


A team is a group of individuals 


The relationships between co-workers and the environment created in the workspace directly affect the mental wellbeing of each one of us. During a retreat, people have the chance to connect on a level they don’t normally do, which helps them understand where others come from and how to best relate to them.  

The program should be careful designed for including a set of activities that bring transparency and compassion while focusing separately on each individual – as we, humans, wish to be seen. Meditation, yoga and other wellness practices allow the participants to dive into trust and open-heart communication, where long-lasting connections begin. 


Projecting the future  


Retreats are a pause to reflect, realign and proceed in a more effective pace. After encouraging these tighter bonds and doing workshops for people to share their opinions and ideas, the feeling of being heard and valued is given. This creates a creative dynamic with durable effects, way beyond the final day of the retreat. 

Sharing a mission is not remembering what the company tag line is, sharing a mission is living it altogether in an organic way. Obstacles are not definitive, they are problems waiting to be solved, and a cohesive team will be able to co-create a path of success while supporting each other from exhaustion or unnecessary stress. 


Bliss Body Journeys is proud of offering customized Corporate Retreats to support you building a beautiful team and creating a moment in time in which happiness is more than profitable.

It is our essence to nurture the marriage of grounded spirituality with beauty, luxury, and abundance - as we surrender to the worlds of both matter and spirit.

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