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How to prevent a burnout? Conscious tools to take back your life

Days turn into weeks and months into years as we drift between online conversations, never-ending demands, stressful news, and a feeling of distance from those we care about the most. Modern times are traced by the urgency of tomorrow that inevitably separates us from the Now.

Within this drowning hectic routine, the sensitive nature of a human being inevitably gets burnt out. Almost every third person suffers from a mild to dangerous form of depletion and exhaustion.

Burnout is a state of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion, caused by prolonged exposure to high pressure, and deadlines. Usually resulting from demanding work schedules, it has been defined by World Health Organization (WHO) as a work-related disturbance. However, anyone can experience its symptoms, regardless of their profession or personal circumstances.


Identify the roots of burnout


The first step in preventing burnout is to identify the risk. Burnout starts appearing as a tremendous sense of tiredness, lack of energy and inspiration. It can also be signaled as a depressed state, lack of clarity, feeling isolated, inability to be productive or creative, apathy, and even systemic health issues.

Connecting these symptoms to the root cause helps people get awareness of their disconnected state, so they can slowly build a ladder to begin their healing process.

Even though the ideal solution would be to take at least two weeks’ break and go on a retreat, it is not always possible to do so. To navigate this serious health issue, it is crucial to get support from therapists, or a wellness practitioner. As well as meditation teacher or energy healing practitioner, that can speed up the recovery.


Slower pace lifestyle


When on the verge of burnout, one must find ways to minimize stress and pressure. To create personal boundaries and take only as much as you can really handle can seem impossible but soon becomes not negotiable – consciously preventing a breakdown is more sustainable than actually rebuilding your life from a place of absolute depletion. Saying no is a powerful tool

Wellness hygiene is crucial, such as going to bed no later than 11 pm, intaking less caffeine and practising mindful eating. But one practice in particular has been emerging as a powerful tool against burnout: guided meditation.

At the core of losing touch with oneself and feeling turned apart lies destructed attention. In these overwhelming times, when one is constantly stimulated and demanded, the mind loses its centre and gets overwhelmed. We cannot talk about mental and emotional health when our attention is diffused and overstimulated.

As we navigate through high intensity states, giving your attention a break by closing one’s eyes for 5 minutes and letting the mind settle becomes another obvious healing tool.


Meditation heals the overwhelmed mind


People often experience life through the mental perception of things, and when the mind becomes heavy, life itself starts to feel unbearable. The Indian guru Ramana Maharshi once said: “Mediation applies the brakes to the mind”. And by doing so, we are letting ourselves to slow down.

Guided Meditation can become a ritual of conscious rest and self-nourishment. Scientifically speaking, it is proven to lower the levels of cortisol, a hormone that is released in response to stress. Also, it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for deeply resting the body, reducing heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension.

From mild to severe burnt-out state, practice of Meditation will become an oasis of presence, allowing to continue the day at a slower pace and being aware of the level of energy available at a moment.


Integrate meditation into the routine


There is no independent area of life. Everything is interconnected, weaved together by an invisible thread that creates the unity of all. And to build a healthy life is to heal and enhance every single aspect of it.

Just like medicine, to truly feel the benefits of meditation, a regular practice is needed. Saving a few minutes every day is enough to reconnect with the ground that sometimes seems to be gone. Following the breath that leads to the present moment is a shield against overthinking, and frequent practice improves its capacity.

However, it is not always easy to create – nor to maintain – this habit. To set the foundations for burnout healing and adopting practice of mindfulness and meditation the best way is to take time and go on a retreat. In the space without destructions and stressors, designed for slowing down, one can truly heal the nervous system and recover higher levels of energy.

With that in mind, Bliss Body Journeys carefully designs programs to support those who wish to incorporate meditation into their daily lives. Anchored in the so-called grounded spirituality, they expose people to the balancing point between mundane experiences and spiritual fulfilment. Suitable for all levels, their meditation retreats and virtual programs provide tools to better navigate through difficult times, helping one to create a shelter within.

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It is our essence to nurture the marriage of grounded spirituality with beauty, luxury, and abundance - as we surrender to the worlds of both matter and spirit.

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