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Ultra-High-End Retreats: the luxury of igniting the fire within

We are living a dystopian kind of reality. The first and the last thing people do in their day is to check their phones. The expansion of the digital world has worsened stress and anxiety and, even though people seem to be connected all the time, the superficial aspect of these connections doesn’t allow them to fulfill their social and emotional demands. There is a need to escape this constant escaping.

We sense an urgency to change – some numb it, some try to, and others act. These modern day’s heroes seek real-life experiences and want to stop losing themselves in torrents of information, they are looking to rediscover purpose through transformation.  Virtual reality loses its appeal once we awaken to our essence, to a state of creative awareness that no filter nor app can simulate. This requires consciously choosing to set time aside, this more than ever precious resource.


Life-changing experiences


Change is an all-embracing event that shakes the ground we live in, it’s not a palliative to be used in specific parts of our life or body. It is not about the stillness of the mind, nor detoxing the physical form, or even connecting with the spirit. It is not about improving the relationships we have, or the way we relate to stress, or to consciously work on our self-esteem. It is about working holistically in all aspects at a foundational level. It is about everything.

The main wellness trend for 2022 is for the industry to raise the bar and offer real life-changing experiences, that go beyond the superficial and work on healing the roots of people’s wounds and grievances, exposing guests to new possibilities.


Ultra-High-End Retreats – #coretrend


Economical and mid-level retreats are extensively available. However, if you want to go through your process without having to worry about the temperature of the water or the quality of your linens – let alone if you can rest all night with no noise – there are not so many options out there.

Being amongst beautiful locations with breath-taking landscapes while enjoying comfort in refined accommodations is a powerful tool to create the setting for the magic to happen. Silent and fasting days, wellness rituals and treatments as well as signature holistic dining can frame the tranquillity needed to let go of defences so that the healer and teacher can touch the hearts of these modern seekers. Isolation is important: only in a slow-paced environment, with total digital freedom, guests can open themselves to transformation.


Deep work must be individual


Medicine is becoming more and more customisable, supermarkets offer dozens of milk typologies, and we are getting used to personalized services on demand. In transformational work, people no longer want generic advice with trendy keywords. They long for services that can offer them a more personal experience, through which they can learn more about themselves and find their own healing path. An experienced healer will hold a mirror so that the guests can see the steps to be taken.

The amount of people participating in a retreat is crucial. If the group is too big, the individual work cannot be truly explored, and the number of distractions increases dramatically. “During the retreats, I offer a 1:1 session to all guests, and it normally ends up being the most important moment of the experience for them. The opportunity to have a deeper connection and being able to support them in their specific issues is what is truly transformative”, says Vlada de Sousa, Founder and Spiritual Teacher at Bliss Body Journeys.

Ultra-high-end retreats for deep individual work promising life-changing experiences is not just a trend, it is our commitment for 2022, and we´ve been working with the best experts in each area to be able to ignite a ripple effect that can turn the future into a utopian kind of world.

It is our essence to nurture the marriage of grounded spirituality with beauty, luxury, and abundance - as we surrender to the worlds of both matter and spirit.

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