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Upcoming Wellness Trends

It is not surprising that after the last few years of intense pressure, more people began to turn their attention to wellness, as the promise of a more balanced life is offered. This shift, at its core, is not a trend – it is a revised approach to life. And it is here to stay.

Wellness is one of those terms that can mean different things for different people. Only in a few years, the world has gained a vast number of experts on this topic, which is in fact many millennials old. We saw hospitality brands replace the word spa with wellness, and the global press merged different modalities into this single word, that is now a multi-billion industry.

World Health Organization (WHO) defines wellness as “the optimal state of health of individuals and groups” being it expressed as “a positive approach to living.” For this article, we will take wellness as the ability to connect with our body, mind, and spirit, allowing us to live life as an expression of inner harmony.

Many of us may experience the best relaxation massage while still stuck in a destructive inner talk. Even experienced meditators can live a full life totally detached from their inner essence, or what we call spirit. It is time to dissolve typical boundaries as body vs mind, work vs personal, and holidays vs routine, as this positive approach to living must be experienced in a fully integrated way.

By discussing with our teachers and clients, we observed a few trends that are shaping the way we plan our activities. People do dream about escaping into beauty and nature, but there is a longing for more personalized spiritual guidance, so that deep inner connection can truly occur.


Trend 1 – Ultra high-end Secret Retreats


The demand for exclusive spiritual experiences, in which people have time and space to deeply replenish their energy, revive their soul, and realign with their essence, is on the rise. It is, however, crucial that the focus is on the process and not on hospitality trivialities. Metamorphosis can only occur in a private safe container. For specific audiences, these personalized wellness immersions in healing locations amongst natural landscapes and magnificent buildings work as an initiation ritual. Transformational therapies, signature holistic nutrition, and an exquisite level of comfort set the ground for an outstanding journey that comes to life through embodied spiritual teachings.


Trend 2 – Spiritual Work on Relationships


We are witnessing a pandemic of loneliness across the globe. There is a need to heal the wounds of unworthiness and rediscover the power of the self. People do not want to keep on the surface anymore, they want to explore the profound waters of intimate relationships. However, as a society, we spent too little time learning how to love in a healthy and positive way. Faced with this reality, online offerings focused on love and relationships are taking off. Through 1:1 work or private group mentoring, they support healing processes and open participants’ hearts to deeper connections – being it with themselves, their families, lovers, or even with the divine.


Trend 3 – Conscious Corporate Retreats


The demand for truthful and lasting bonds is also entering the work environment as we irrevocably spend most of our waking life with co-workers. Conscious Corporate Retreats are an opportunity to create healthier work relationships and to build a safe ground for more open communication. Spending healing time away from the office humanizes the team dynamics. Through mediation sessions, yogic practices, and breathwork, these retreats bring renewed clarity and focus, helping the team to realign strategies and find brainstorm solutions that seem impossible while stuck at the desk.


At Bliss Body Journeys, our mission is to contribute to the upgrading of awareness around the world. We genuinely believe that by supporting our clients, guests, and partners, we can generate a ripple effect of positivity that will bring society closer to this utopic optimal state of harmony.

It is our essence to nurture the marriage of grounded spirituality with beauty, luxury, and abundance - as we surrender to the worlds of both matter and spirit.

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