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Hong Kong: the benefits of joining a silent meditation retreat

Silence is a treat these days. Especially when living in a big city such as Hong Kong, the chances of having access to quietude are quite small.  

When people are surrounded by an overwhelming environment, the hectic mind gets even more alert and reactive, making it more difficult to slow down.  

Going on a silent meditation retreat is a powerful opportunity to dive into the inner void, a place in which one can finally disconnect from the thinking mind, and listen to their core essence.  


Where to find Silence in Hong Kong


To escape the intense pace of the city, the best solution is to go on an immersive journey. Silent meditation retreats are carefully designed to support you in finding tranquility and peace.  

“For you to really experience the healing coming from silence, you should go to a place in which you don’t have to worry about anything. That is why going on a retreat is so liberating. You get to enjoy the nature around and start simply approaching things from a more balanced point of view – moment by moment”, says Ryan Grimes, mindfulness teacher and facilitator of Bliss Body Journeys’ Silent Retreat in Hong Kong.  


Benefits of a silent meditation retreat 


There are plenty of beneficial aspects when it comes to silence and silent meditation retreats. Our experts in meditation and spirituality collected a few of them: 


Find peace through digital detox 


We live in the era of digital connection. With a mobile in hand, one gets intensely attached to the outside world, and this overstimulation brings up constant worry and anxiety.  

When the focus is turned to what’s happening on the outside, it is not possible to go inside.  

“That is one of the reasons why I’m quite passionate about being a mindfulness teacher. Because it feels like an antidote to all of this over engagement, all of this constant thinking, and doing, and striving. So part of the silent retreat is to let go of our devices, which may not be easy but is very healing. You would be surprised!”, says Ryan Grimes. 


Recover from stress and burnout 


The mind is designed to protect us. It keeps itself alert and wired to think about the worst possible scenarios. But when one realizes there is no possible control over our thoughts, the only way out is to disengage from them.  

When people are immersed in the space of silence, they begin to let go of their thoughts and start focusing on the present moment, which immediately brings the body and mind to relaxation.  

It is not always possible to change the circumstances around us, however a conscious decision to go on a meditation retreat will grant you the shelter for deep rest and healing. 


Practice mindfulness 


As Ryan Grimes constantly points out, the mind is never silent. “You can’t ask your brain to stop thinking. It is like asking your stomach to stop digesting food, or asking your heart to stop beating. It is not possible”, he says. 

That is why the solution is to find ways to go around the thinking mind, detaching from its urgent pace. 

“When we focus on the physical sensations in the body, or sounds, or anything that is available to our five senses, we get out of the spiral of the mind. Layer by layer”, he adds.  

In a silent meditation retreat, the facilitator presents guests with these tools to better manage the never-ending mind chatter, while guiding them through yogic and meditative practices, so they can experience what it is to be in the here and now.  


Gain clarity 


However, a silent retreat must be closely planned in a way that takes guests further and further away from their mundane problems.  

“In the beginning, people are a bit close, but our silent retreat was designed to progress with them, helping them to explore the limits and go beyond what they expected”, says Ryan Grimes.  

Once people are given the opportunity to experience emptiness and total carefreedom, they begin to shift inside. They are able to connect their thoughts with their emotions, and their emotions with their body.  

After accessing this sense of clarity, the answers to the big questions in life start simply to appear. 


Discover how to better navigate through life 


True transformation cannot happen just in a few days, let alone in one afternoon. Going on a retreat is an invitation to change, however, maintaining the peace achieved during the retreat can be challenging. 

That is why Bliss Body Journeys focuses on providing guests with tools that can be used daily as a lifelong support. 

“New awareness can arise but it is a process that never ends. The retreat is the starting point of a beautiful journey, a sacred journey”, says Ryan Grimes. 


Bliss Body Journeys has been offering full immersive experiences in Hong Kong since 2020, creating a true healing centre amongst the nature environment of New Territories. Their signature silent retreat in Hong Kong, designed by Vlada de Sousa in collaboration with Ryan Grimes, has been supporting residents to recover and replenish ever since. Click here to learn more.


It is our essence to nurture the marriage of grounded spirituality with beauty, luxury, and abundance - as we surrender to the worlds of both matter and spirit.

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