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A holistic experience of self: Divine Body meditation retreat

There is way more to ourselves than we can ever imagine. Integral approach to wellbeing is one that aims to bring all aspects of our being into equilibrium, so we can deeply heal and unlock multiple potentialities that lie dormant within.

In this interview, Bliss Body Journeys’ Founder & Spiritual Teacher, Vlada de Sousa, presents the new version of her signature meditation retreat, “Divine Body”, which will be launched in Spring next year.


Tell me more about this new meditation retreat in Portugal. What is the intention behind it?


Well, the “Divine Body” program was the first program that I have created for Bliss, and in a way it is directly linked to the identity of the brand itself.

Basically, it is an integral holistic program designed for guests to come back to their complete sense of self. According to yoga tradition, we don’t have just this physical body, we have five different bodies (koshas). The physical, energetic, mental, the body of wisdom, and the bliss body.

These five bodies function like different layers, from the more dense one, the physical body, until the most subtle and spiritual one, the bliss body. Which was exactly my inspiration when I founded Bliss Body Journeys, in 2016.

The bliss body, that I also call Divine Body, is a state of pure light, a true experience of ourselves as infinite beings. When we access this very subtle layer, we remember our most blissful state. But to access it, we must heal all other layers, not just the physical and mental bodies.

So, the intention behind this meditation and yoga retreat is to hold space for healing but also to guide guest through practices capable of bringing all the five bodies into full alignment.

But how does it work?


There is, of course, a map that I have tailored. We begin by cleansing and purifying each one of these layers, releasing any buildup of old energies or energetic blocks through yoga, breathwork, yoga Nidra and meditation.

After this healing phase, we begin to recover ourselves, filling our being with vibrant clean energy, making us feel entirely renewed. That is why I call it integral holistic program, because it realigns every aspect of ourselves.

I’ve been teaching and developing this program for many years now, and it is a very beautiful process to witness. When I see the difference in the energy of our guests, from their arrival until the closing ceremony, it completely reaffirms my purpose in life.

And I feel it is so vitally important to go through this process. Because, in everyday life, we have so many things to do, that we don’t get to stop and really take care of all our bodies, not only physical. Maybe you get to find one hour to go to the gym, or to practice yoga and meditation, but it is not enough to access all the subtle layers that also need maintenance.

That is why many guests choose to repeat this experience. It becomes an annual ritual of renewal and replenishment, a week dedicated to profound self-care for our being.

As you said, this program was created right in the foundation of Bliss Body Journeys, still in Bali. How did it evolve during these last seven years?


Just like I evolved as a mentor and spiritual teacher, the signature programs have been evolving along with me. But, as always, they keep the transformational aspect at their core. The intention behind “Divine Body” experience keeps on being the same, what changed were the tools I use to guide people through the process.

I am constantly upgrading my skills, and bringing in more healing modalities, that naturally reflects on every program that I design. For example, nowadays, I work a lot more with breathwork and energy healing, which proved themselves to be powerful tools for multilevel harmonization.

The practices may also change according to the teacher that will facilitate Divine Body program. In Portugal, I will be the one holding the retreat but in Hong Kong, for example, where this program is currently running, we find ways to bring their tools and expertise to facilitate the same intention.

And I want to share how marvelous is it to be able to work with our so-talented Hong Kong team, but I am very excited to be back teaching the renewed “Divine Body” in Europe.


And now it is time for Portugal. So, what do you think this location will add up to the experience?


When it comes to Portugal, what speaks to me the most is the energy of the Atlantic Ocean. It is so healing and deep, very powerful and cleansing. Also, Portugal offers a sense of spaciousness. Nature here is still quite intact, and we get to explore the beach but also retreat amongst tall and green trees.

Here, we may get the feeling of breathing widely, expanding more and more. In such a modern and technological world, the possibility of simply enjoying space is really not easy to find. So I am quite curious to see how Portugal’s energy will enhance the retreat experience.

But I am also very happy about the venue we chose for it. It is a stunning place in South Alentejo, a region that has over 300 days of sun during the year. Fantastic. And the place has a lot of trees and open spaces, even for us to do our practices.

It is really an amazing retreat space. Very wide and secluded, with really gorgeous views. It is a place for reflection, perfect for healing and cocooning. Without ever having to abstain of comfort and privacy, of course. Especially if you choose to stay in the Bungalow, a separated cabana with breathtaking views.

I think Portugal will be a special location for our sacred journeys, and we cannot wait to host our treasured seekers in this part of the world.


Vlada de Sousa works as a meditation teacher, energy healer, and spiritual mentor, helping people all over the world on their path to self-realization. The new version of her signature program is being launched next April in Portugal. Learn more about it here.

It is our essence to nurture the marriage of grounded spirituality with beauty, luxury, and abundance - as we surrender to the worlds of both matter and spirit.

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