Bliss Body Journeys - Worldwide Boutique Meditation Retreats

A place to honour your soul and transform your life.

Welcome to the world of Bliss Body – the most subtle layer of our human form, the yogi’s true nature lying beyond the ego and underneath all illusions.

Our sacred journeys are a safe container for deep inner work and personal evolution. We encourage our guests to enter a state of boundless trust as they embark on a spiritual intimate process of self discovery.

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Created By

Vlada de Sousa

Bliss Body Journeys Founder and Spiritual Teacher

“Silence is the greatest healer and meditation is an inner teacher. When we discover who we are beneath the non-stop chatter of the mind and our conditioning from society, we as humanity will move to the next stage of evolution. The best expression of love for oneself is the beginning of your spiritual path, and this meditation journey offers that and so much more.”


Awakening to our sacred soul is a lifelong, intimate path. Drawing the map from the ancient teachings of Yoga, meditation and energy awareness, we humbly open the doors for the modern human to pursue their personal journey of evolution. Those seeking access to the world of spirituality will leave behind the illusion of separation until reencountering the sense of oneness.



We see wellness as a way to honour our life. At Bliss Body Sacred Journeys, we delight and take care of our bodies, while we grow and evolve. The simple act of eating becomes a sacred experience with gourmet plant-based cuisine to nourish and transform our senses. Spa rituals and energy balancing sessions support deep healing, bringing our guests to a state of pure bliss.


Enveloped in our sacred embrace, we create a safe space for our guests to feel heard, seen and felt. Limiting the capacity of our in-person and virtual retreats, we can ensure that we connect with guests and cultivate the environment where love transforms all.
It’s our pride to curate unique experiences for guests to find comfort, focus and serenity in their own journey.


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