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In the quest of the soul: an interview with Vlada de Sousa

We may get everything we wished for in life, and still feel a pounding void inside our chest. A never ending demand for more is only numbing the existential discomfort that eventually we all have to face – hopefully willing and consciously, instead of having life cornering us with no escape. The modern seeker must be creative and open to explore what the mind cannot conceptualize. 

Vlada de Sousa is a meditation teacher, energy healer and the Founder of Bliss Body Journeys. In order to support people to find those so wanted answers, she has created a new program, a 6-day meditation retreat to dive within and to pull back the light of our soul.  


Following years of traveling to find the right location for your meditation and yoga retreats, what inspired you to create this program?   


I’ve been working 1:1 with people all over the world for many years now and what I sense is that people are unsatisfied, there is something lacking. Even those who have already accomplished a successful career or a loving family are still searching, but they don’t know what they are looking for. 

People come to me and say that, even though they have everything, they feel like something essential is missing. That is when the journey begins, when we accept the emptiness and decide to dive into it, so we can pull our soul back to fill in all the spaces in between. 

So I decided to curate an immersive experience for our guests just like I do with my private students remotely and across time. “Soul Revival” is a 6-day process of investigation and exploration. I want to help people remember that we are not just our bodies, minds, or the identity we’ve been reproducing ever since we were kids. We are a soul. And this meditation retreat was made specifically for those who I call soul seekers. 


So you think people are lacking a spiritual connection? 


Absolutely! I started to notice that on some level all of us are still trying to figure out who we are, what is life about, and what is really important. Whichever stage we are in life, this is still consistently experienced. 

Especially in this modern world, where there is a continuous need of chasing something, trying to get there, to do more, to be more, to see more, to experience more. This never-ending search leaves us with a sense of lack, which might make us a little bit depressed or unsettled with ourselves.  

It is time for people to turn inwards. We chase all those things, but in fact, what we are really looking for is ourselves. And sometimes we look inside and all we see is dry inhospitable land. It might not be an easy process but we must cross this desert until we find the oasis within.  

That is why I have made it my life-long purpose to support people in this self-discovery journey. Helping them understand their light, powers and gifts, but also helping them to create an intimate relationship with themselves, healing their inner dialogue and connecting with their intuition. Because truly we came into this life to discover who we are and to become more and more our own light. 

“Soul Revival” is about going deeper, overcoming social pressures and finding out that there is way more to this human experience.  


But how do people reach this state of connection?  


Well, first of all, people need to quit the action state. That is exactly what a meditation retreat is made for, to encourage guests to slow down. Only when we do that, do we start to connect with more subtle layers, feeling ourselves on an energetic and spiritual level.  

In the “Soul Revival” process, I will help people reestablish the interconnectedness between the human mind and the soul. So they begin to awaken to the experience of self, which is much broader than our usually limiting beliefs. When we get there, things become really clear and we get to see everything as it is. 

I want people to leave knowing how to find the answers inside of them. Because we all know the questions will never ever stop. What is important is that we understand where to look for the answers, and that is always inside of us. 

Our intuition is the most powerful guidance, we must allow it to guide us. And, of course, have the courage to trust and follow it. Reviving your soul means rediscovering this power.  


And which practices people can expect to do?  


My teaching style is very experiential. Instead of explaining something, so we rationalize it, I prefer to take guests on a journey, so they get to actually experience what we are talking about. This way, the mind plays a secondary role, and there is more space within for healing and connection. 

In the daily practices there is meditation, yoga and breathwork. As I said, I like to explore, so we will always be trying different approaches and practices. But since I am interested in encouraging people to clear space in order to connect with their inner self, I will be using a lot of breathwork, which helps us release unprocessed energies and feelings.  

There is a very special feature of this program, though. I decided to explore a bit more of Mauna, which is the ancient practice of keeping silence. Bliss Body Journeys has been holding very successful silent retreats in Hong Kong, and I wanted to bring a little bit of this energy to “Soul Revival”.  

During the retreat, we will have one full day of Noble Silence, as it really opens the door towards hearing the voice of our soul. When we take a vow of Silence, our voice of wisdom begins to arise and communicate through us, and we start having great insights about life in general.  


Is it suitable for beginners, though?  


Well, I would say “Soul Revival” is a program for everyone who has a soul and with that I mean, all humans (laugh). But really, It is great when guests have already a little bit of experience with yoga, meditation, or even psychology. However, it is not necessary at all.  

To be honest, the depth of the practices depends a lot on the student. So, if you’re a very experienced practitioner, this can be a great opportunity to go even deeper into your practice and self-exploration. On the other hand, if you’re new to the world of spirituality, it will simply open the doors to a completely new dimension. 

As I always say, the important part is to be willing to go through the process. That is what changes everything. And it is really beautiful to see the transformation in peoples’ eyes. Because when we realize that we are not just a set of thoughts in our head, a big shift happens. We start engaging in life from a different perspective and the transformation is inevitable.  

I will be there every step of the way, supporting them and clarifying questions. I really love seeing people who come to the retreat with their preconceived ideas and leave in a way more expansive state. It brings me so much fulfillment! That is exactly why I do what I do.  


How about the location? Why did you choose Morocco?   


Morocco’s energy is very special. As you know, I work directly with the energy of the place in which we hold our sacred retreats. That is why one of Bliss Body Journeys’ pillars is our healing locations. Each place has a specific energy that elevates the experience, and Morocco’s is very particular.  

Truth is Morocco has been on my list for many years, but of course, things happen at the right time. And I must agree that there is no better time to go ahead and connect with the energy of the desert, which is a very strong energy of quietude and depth within. 

The desert withholds a lot of awakenings and spiritual insights, it is all about following through solitude in the direction of our soul. “Soul Revival” internal process is almost like crossing the desert within, and I really love that we will have this symbology available for us in Morocco.  

But also, we were able to find a stunning villa for the retreat. It is a design space where people get to have privacy, comfort, and still enjoy a beautiful and luxurious setting. It has magnificent views of the Atlas Mountains, being it from the rooms or the infinity pool. It is magical. As usual, Bliss Body Journeys hosts small groups of up to seven people, which also helps with the comfort and personalization of the journey.  

I am extremely excited about this experience in Morocco, it will be a rare mystical experience.  


Vlada de Sousa has been working as a meditation teacher, energy healer, and spiritual mentor, supporting people all over the world to transform their lives on all different levels. “Soul Revival” is the new program she designed for her brand Bliss Body Journeys. It will be launched this November in Marrakesh, Morocco. You may learn more about it here. 

It is our essence to nurture the marriage of grounded spirituality with beauty, luxury, and abundance - as we surrender to the worlds of both matter and spirit.

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